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  What is STW?:

STW or "Stealth To Web" creates a Web-Portal, that displays what's going on around your bot.
It attempts to mimic what you see in the bot window, displaying it on the web.

  What do I need?:

First, you will need a working StealthBot. You can download that at
Then, you will need to install the Plugin System for StealthBot.
Once you have that, register and generate the plugin.

  Can I put this in my website?:

An example of this would be like:
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="300" width="80%" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no">Sorry you're browser doesn't support Iframes</iframe>

Lets walk through the variables on this.

The first variable declared is "view=snap". Simply change "snap" to your STW username.
That was simple enough right? Ok moving on.
The next variable is "viewtype=both". There is 3 options for this.
"both" means that it will display the chat and the chan-list together. "chan" it will only display your channel list. And "chat" to display only what's being said in your channel.
ooo customization! Can I change the width and height??
That's the next variable! "cheight=300". Notice that this is the same as the "height="300"". They must be the same for it to work properly. So if you want to change the height, change them both. And remember, height can only be set in pixels- you can't use percentage.
The next variable is "scrolling=0". There are 4 options for this.
0, completely off, you wont find any scrollbars inside.
1, all on, the chat and the chan-list will both have scrollbars.
2, chan-list will have scrollbars but the chat will not.
3, chat will have scrollbars while the chan-list will not.

And that should give you web masters plenty of tools to make this a perfect fit in your website! Have fun!

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