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Last update to viewer: 04/11/2006
- Still working out some quirks.

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ID Username Gateway Channel Name Joined Date Last Transfer
8 Stars ? Unkown 2005 Jul 30th. 12:18PM Never
9 Snap ? Unkown 2010 Nov 1st. 4:27AM 2010 Nov 2nd. 5:56PM
10 MegaCyborg ? Unkown 2005 Aug 1st. 5:29PM 2005 Sep 4th. 10:23PM
11 HdxBmx27 ? Unkown 2005 Aug 24th. 1:23PM 2005 Sep 10th. 11:32AM
12 VirtualNetworks ? Unkown 2005 Aug 3rd. 2:37PM Never
13 Quake ? Unkown 2005 Aug 3rd. 3:11PM 2006 Mar 20th. 2:46PM
14 SoulGrabber ? Unkown 2005 Aug 3rd. 3:23PM Never
15 ReZeftY ? Unkown 2005 Sep 5th. 5:31PM 2005 Sep 5th. 4:37AM
16 FrostWraith ? Unkown 2005 Aug 3rd. 3:40PM 2006 Jun 22nd. 2:33PM
17 GodsOfSheepTag ? Unkown 2005 Aug 3rd. 3:44PM Never

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