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My Settings

Username:Your STW Username
Current Password: Your (unencrypted) password. - Forgot your password? E-mail stw support.
Set items blank that you don't wish to change
Receive Messsages:Yes:No:
Allow your Bot to receive messages from the web?
Password for sending a message with wrap:
Someone with this password can make your bot say things, with the wrap infront of it.
Password for sending a message without wrap:
Someone with this password can make your bot do or say anything. (Like kick people, or any other command)- Note: this password must be different than the wrap password to work.
Wrap for messages:
For example, if you put "/w joe" It would whisper joe everything sent from the web. If you put /me it would emote the message. - Set blank to leave it as it is.
Enter in a custom hex color. htmlgoodies hex color list - Not a very good list, i'll get a better one soon!:)
Background Color:
The Background color of the STW portal (Example: #000000 for black.)
User Talk Color:
The color of normal chat
The color of emotes, (like /me likes food)
The color of whispers
The color of messages, (like friends list and /whois)
Join/Leave messages:
The color of enter and leave notifications
Update settings:

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