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Release Notes:

  Browser Side:

0.4 05/04/05
Using Meta Refresh, displaying data from a .txt file

0.6 05/11/05
Now displays channel list.

0.93 07/26/05.
Scrubed older versions. Created a working hidden Iframe refresh system.

1.0 07/27/05
Created a Dual hidden Iframe+javascript refresh system, one for channel and 1 for chat.

1.0b 07/28/05
Now using just 1 refreshing hidden Iframe. Now checks if channel list has changed before update- for less bandwidth usage, and to limit img blink.

1.1 08/01/05
Added Support for viewing Channel Name.

1.2 08/01/05
Added Password Protect support.
Added "Viewable Channels".

1.4 08/08/05
Now using hashing to compare the chanlist before loading. Huge bandwidth usage drop.
Added rollover tooltips to the website, and the viewer. Which look awesome!

1.5 08/23/05
Added link to view who is in the clan your viewing. (Thanks ImBa-SkILlz)

1.6 08/24/05
Added web-to-bot message support.

1.7 08/30/05
Optomized and increased refresh rate.

  Server Side:

0.2 5/4/05
Saves info to a .txt file

0.3 05/10/05
Now saves channel list

1.0 07/13/05.
Scrubed older versions. Now uses an SQL DB to save data

1.1 07/20/05.
Bigger Picture looked at, now supporting multiple users.

1.1b 07/24/05.
Fixed tons of bugs, and protected against several bugs/exploits.

1.2 08/01/05
Added support for Saving Channel Name
Created support for the Auto Update system

1.3 08/03/05
Added support for Password protection.

1.4 08/08/05
Added support for viewing gateway. (uswest, Asia, etc.)

1.5 08/10/05
Fixed a bug where no error message would be displayed. (Thanks Koolman11)

1.6 08/24/05
Added support for sending web-bot messages.
Cleaned up the way server messages and web-bot messages were sent.

  Bot Client Side(VBs)

06/01/05 - 07/17/05 Ver 1.1 (BETA)
Excelent script, many revisions. - Didn't record updates due to no public versions.

Ver 1.2 Release - 08/01/05
Added Auto Update System.
Added Channel Name sending.

Ver 1.21 Release - 08/02/05
Fixed minor errors.

Ver 1.22 Release - 08/01/05
Removed STW disabling the script when SB versions did not match. (Thanks HdxBmx27)

Ver 1.26 Release - 08/03/05
Added password commands

Ver 1.28 Release - 08/05/05
Cleaned up script a bit. Changed the way messages were received from the server- allowing notifications to be sent.

Ver 1.29 Release - 08/08/05
Fixed a bug when trying to use ".stw password" from the channel.
Added support for displaying which gateway the bot was connected to.

Ver 1.30 Release - 08/11/05
Fixed a bug where when joining a channel, it wouldn't show itself correctly in the chanlist (on the web).
Added a command to view how many people are viewing your channel. "/stw viewers" (Thanks HDx)

Ver 1.31 Release - 08/24/05
Added support for recieving messages from the web!
Fixed an error that looped errors when recieving an error from the server.
Added support for more server errors.
Removed recmsg and recmsg pass config varriable. that option will be made avaliable via mysettings on STW's website.

Ver 1.32 Release - 08/27/05
Added config STW_IdleCheck config variable. This will allow your bot to see any messages left from the server. (like web-bot messages)
optimized the 'last message unable to send' error.
Replaced SCInet with a new Inet object. This should help this plugin be friendlier to other plugins.

Ver 1.32b Release - 08/27/05
Returned SCinet due to "object required" error. (Thanks struggles)

Ver 1.32c Release - 08/28/05
Updated Error Codes.

Ver 1.32d Release - 08/28/05
Fixed an error that when Vleave was set to false the chan-list would not update correctly. (Thanks Kingiix)

Ver 1.33 Release - 10/01/05
Now using the Microsoft.XMLHTTP by default.
Added an auto-reconnect feature.
Re-arranged subs.
Added more comments.

Ver 1.34 Release - 10/31/05
Re-Ordered and added "InetCtls" to Internet Connection Objects.
Colored / Bolded response text within the bot.
Added whisper back responses to whispered commands. (Instead of not working at all)
Cleaned up script to make it even more efficient
Added Bot-to-Bot messaging support! (Documentation on this will be posted at http://snapum.com/forums/index.php?showforum=73 in the near future)

Ver 1.35 Release - 2/1/06
6 Month Aniversary Release
Fixed 'stw enable' to re-send often missing data. (Channel Name, Server, Channel List) This will remove the \"I have to rejoin\"
Now sends error responses from battle.net (If Vbnet Is true)
Now sends /f m messages.

Ver 1.5 Release - 04/06/06
+ Bot To Bot Messaging. Type /stw mail stwusername Message
+ Buffer System. This eliminates dataloss
Re-wrote the entire transfer sub. - Revives data when there's an error in the transfer.

Ver 1.51 Release - 08/28/06
For the Plugin system only
I changed one line of code in this update.
To fix with the new plugin system.

Ver 1.52 Release - 08/30/06
Added more flag-options to the Bot-To-Bot message system.
You can Addq, MessageBox, or Addchat bot messages. (Check script for more details)
Fixed a bug regarding sending botmail from channel command.

The text/content and the icons in the STW portals are copyright their respective owners
Everything else is copyright 2005-2006 Snapems.com