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Trouble Shooting

  I've download the plugin, but my portal says "channel unknown!"

I'm getting an error message. see Error Messages
When I load the bot it does not say: "STW: version check "ok"!". see Installing STW

It does say "STW: version check "ok"!"

  I'm getting an error! (Error Messages):

My error message does not start with "STW: ".

    "STW: Error 404. File not found, unable to send information. You could not connect to the server. (Script has been deactivated)"

The server must be down.

    "STW: Error on the server. (Script has been deactivated)"

The server must be down.

    "STW: Error 406. Not Acceptable."

To bore you with details, your bot must be sending some sort of illegal characters to the server...

    "STW Error: 23. Shutdown has been activated from the server. (Script has been deactivated)"

Just what it says. The server was shutdown by me. The bot should have downloaded news.txt. A reason why should be written there.

    "STW: Script deactivated. ##Error 17 Invalid STW account username/password."

Are you using your encrypted password that STW gave you? See Installing STW.

    "STW: Script deactivated. ##Error 18 temporary down/disable."

Did a message come with it? The server could just be temporarily down. - Or you could be temporarily banned from STW. Let's hope it's the first!

    "STW: Script deactivated. ##Error 19 permanent down/ban."

Oh crap! You've done it now! You've been banned from STW!

    "STW: Error: Server did not receive last message: "

    "STW: Script not deactivated- if you continue to get this message please ""/stw disable"" the script."

If that repeats i donno. go play @

  Installing STW:

To Be Finished... For now feel free to post at in the Plugin Support Section

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