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Generate STW Script

STW Plugin Generator

Script Or Plugin?
Using the StealthBot Plugin system? - If not use Script.txt
Your STW Username
Your encrypted/unencrypted STW Password
Select this if the password you entered is not encrypted. If it is encrypted, leave unselected.
Custom Trigger:
Custom trigger to use. Leave blank to use your bots trigger.
Access required to Enable and Disable STW
View Talk:
View regular talk.
View Emote:
View emotes, (like /me says hi)
View Whispers:
View recieved whispers.
View Joins:
Like "Alt V" User Join notifcations
View Leaves:
User Leave notifications
View BotTalk:
View regular talk from your bot
View Bnet:
View Batte.net messages. (Like Friends list)
Exit Character:
Exit Character(s), any message containing this string will not be sent. (Like "[ex]I hate Joe")
STW Send Rate:
The rate your bot sends data to STW's servers. Between 2 and 6 is good. (Set slower if your using other scripts that connect to the web, like the 'join' script.)
STW Idle Check:
If idle for this many seconds, the bot will check for messages anyway. (Set lower if you are using Web to Bot chat
Retry Time:
If the script gets disabled/disconnected from the server. This is how many minutes it will wait to reconnect.
Web Messages(Bot Message)
0, Disable. 1, Addchat it (display it in bot). 2, Display it in the bot AND in a msgbox. (Will 'alt+tab' you out of games)
It's filled out:

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