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About STW

About STW

Hi, welcome to the about page.
So what is STW?
STW (Stealth To Web) is a highly detailed web interface to your StealthBot written mostly in PHP. (What's StealthBot? Go Here)
A registration page, will allow you to create a customized StealthBot portal at a URL like "" which you can place in a link/frame in your website
To view an example click Here.

Special Thanks:

HdxBmx27 for finding an error with the password syntax check. (And other various suggestions).
MegaCyborg (AKA "ND"). For help testing
SoCxFiftyToo. For his help with ideas and scripting.
Xelloss (AKA "Nate"). for helping me with the icons.
Raylu for finding a few errors.
Imba-Skillz for offering some suggestions that I've used.

Other Thanks:

The StealthBot community and Stealth, For creating and supporting this very cool and handy Bot.
And Blizzard, for making

For more information you can email me; 'snap william at g mail dot com' and Id be glad to answer any questions you may have.

The text/content and the icons in the STW portals are copyright their respective owners
Everything else is copyright 2005-2006